THE true alternative band. i love what they have done over the last 20 plus years.
stadium arcadium is very weak. the red hot chili peppers still rock though.
by zoeee May 28, 2006
Like Faith No More, a great genre-less band with an extraordinary amount of talent as seen in Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Mother's Milk, and Californication. Sadly, any hint of talent was mysteriously missing in their last album "Stadium Arcadium".
Guy: "Dude, did you hear the last red hot chili peppers album, Stadium Arcadium?"

Pepper fan: "I don't wanna talk about it.."

Guy: "Dude, that's like their best album yet!"

Pepper fan: *reaches over and slaps the guy in the face...twice*
by Pepper fan December 20, 2006

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