The best true band that lives on the face of the planet. The music is real, the vocals are flawless. Widely known as an 80's band, they did actually make music long afterwards. This band is the absolute best band ever and cannot be defied. Also a spicy vegetable, usually coming in a pointed, arrow-head like shape, that can come in several colours, but generally red.
Megan: Whatcha listening to?
Moriah: Take a guess.
Megan: Hilary Duff?
Moriah: Not at my grave.
Megan: Simple Plan?
Moriah: Not quite.
Megan: Red Hot Chili Peppers?
Megan: GO YOU.
by Fell Despises May 20, 2005
Shittiest band ever they make the same kind of music over and over and it gets fucking annoying fuck anthony!! and fleas a homosexual
Anothony-"Hey flea lets take some of these records from 2 years ago and make a new one so we get millions"

Flea-"sounds like a great plan"

John-"sniff, sniff, sniff"

Red hot chili peppers^^^
by ash catchem July 30, 2006
The greatest band ever, and they have proved. The chili peppers have dropped three classic albums and kept being good through two decades. Better than any shitty bands you see today.
"a teenage bride with a baby inside gettin high on information"

"and if you want these kind of dreams its californication"
by Melanthex March 28, 2005
the red hot chili peppers are an amazing and versital band. their current members consist of john frusciante, flea (michael balzary), anthony kiedis, and chad smith. their music is at times very funk and fun but at other times is very serious and beautiful. they have come of age gratly in the past 15 years and are worthwhile to the ears of many.
i remember when i was 11 years old and i heard my sister blasting blood sugar sex magic and i realized, "...maybe this whole backstreet boys thing is kind of gay. maybe there is other music out there with passion and meaning but can still be fun, even crazy with amazing drum, bass, and guitar solos...." i dont think i have ever felt more passionate about anything else in my life. from then on i was hooked to the red hot chili peppers. i learned everything i could about them and had my own secret crushes on every memeber while my friends were fantasizing about their n'sync gods. this made me mature in a whole different way than them. so what did i do? i got new friends but i was also finding myself. i had found something that was beautiful, pure, and natural. it was something that i had just for me. i love the red hot chili peppers so much because they gave me something that i never would have had. i soon realized that young people (even at the age of 11) are capable of so much more than they are given credit for. for example flea inspired me so much with his amazing beats that i decided to learn bass. i never thought before that i could even play music. i have come to learn every bit of information about the red hot chili peppers that i can. they helped me to branch off into different styles of music and listen to bands that i never would have heard of in a lifetime if not for them. maybe if i had discovered them when i was older they wouldnt be such a big deal to me now but im thankful that they came into my life.
by ellie ;) June 08, 2006
My Earliest Memory Of The RHCP's Is Buying One Hot Minute When I Was Seven And My Mum Taking It From Me After Hearing The Song "Pea" Sang By Flea. Little Did She Know Id Got My Bro To Tape It To Cassettte And It Has Made Me The Corrupted Young Obsessive Lady That I Am.
just one note from a song they wrote will fuck me where i lay...
by catholic school girl July 12, 2004
1. A form of spicey vegetable
2. A massively overated band
~"Hey man, what are you listening to?"
~"Red Hot Chili Peppers"
~"Because I have no imagination and I'm dead inside."
by Dunk Willbery May 23, 2005
The best band to date in history whether your into their old funky style or their newer shit or just a huge overall fan there music continues to be unique and original. I still remember listening to sikamenko the first time and being like "this sux" and now im finding i dont have enough memory on my mp3 player to hold there whole discography :o
to fingerbang is not a sin i stick my middle finger in your monthly blood is what i win im in your house now let me spin
by Ichi420 February 18, 2005
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