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It's Cleveland's version of the infamous "purple drank" made popular in Houston by such people as Mike Jones and Paul Wall. Made by mixing Cherry Cough Syrup with codeine, Vodka, and or Sprite. Tastes damn good too.
Shit man, pour me up somma dat RED DRANK!!!
by GaryBusi January 08, 2006
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Of or relating to strawberry,cherry,watermelon, etc... flavored drinks such as Gatorade and or Koolaid.
What flavor do you want? I want some Red Drank!!!
by Larry D. June 21, 2006
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A mix of Sprite and a bit of Hawaiian Punch. Tastes really good.
James was thirsty, so he found a half drunk bottle of Sprite and made some Red Drank out of it.
by RedDrankTJ April 24, 2010
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a mix of Hawaiian Punch and Grain Alcohol at least 190 proof. It originated at Quinnipiac University. Often placed in pitcher and stirred with wooden spoon.
I drink Red Drank on Monday.

Chuck Norris likes Red Drank.
by Red Drank December 06, 2007
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1.Another name for Kool-Aid

2.A combination of porn, pot, and everything else awesome in the world

3.Something that is red and tastes good
1.I want some Red Drank

2.Hey do you have any Red Drank?

3.That girl has a nice Red Drank
by Qdawgy80 June 30, 2009
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