Energy drink that tastes like cheap cough medicine. Pretty much ineffective on its own.

However, when mixed with alcohol (Usually Vodka, but I prefer it with Jack Daniels), it really perks you up during a heavy drinking session.
I'll have a Jack Daniels and Red Bull.

(Goes mental)
by Snake August 24, 2005
To Red Bull someone means to roughly tackle them while playing bullrush.
Me: I Red Bulled my brother last night in bullrush.
by wills0 July 13, 2010
A popular and expensive energy drink, containing the active ingredient 'Taurine', literally translated in Romanian as 'bull piss' or loosely translated as 'bull sperm'. Everybody that drinks it in Romania is convinced it is actually one of these ingredients, but they drink it anyway because it works awesome.
Let's drink some red bull sperm and get energized.
by xkotto May 29, 2006
Something that is complete bullshit.
Ck: "Dude, that call by the ref was bullshit."

Jack: "Ya I know, that was such Red Bull"
by (J.B.) April 27, 2011
The blessed juice of heaven, said to have come from one of the ancient kings of Egypt. Known to give people wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings, especially when mixxed with vodka or tequilla.

Red Bull. It gives you wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings.
by TheChad May 11, 2005
An overly caffeinated energy drink that in marketing materials is purported to "Give you wings". In personal experience, you need at least 2 cans to feel any sort of energy-boosting effect.

Rumored to be made of Chuck Norris's urine, canned and carbonated.
Chuck Norris decided to sell his urine. He called it Red Bull.

Does Red Bull actually give you wings?

Lindsay Lohan swilled Red Bull when she was "sober".
by Heather (Ya Know) January 02, 2008
an energy drink that makes you get crunk
red bull makes me hyper
by LilJOnWhattt July 30, 2005
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