The exact opposite of blueballs. A rather fantastic condition contracted when getting a great amount of tang. The result of all this pounding causes the testicles to turn red after slapping against the female's rectum countless times over a short period.
me: man my testes ache.
friend: Blueballs?
me: nah, Redballs. i've been rockin an inordinate amount of gina lately.
by Chrish24 December 11, 2008
A temperary condition caused by a man doing too much cocaine crack or free baseing cocaine while he is horny (cured by sobering up).
Dan hadnt had sex or whacked off in well over 3 month and when he smoked all that crack cocaine he got red balls before he was about to get laid.
by lmxdurgex August 11, 2009
The act of tearing a small slit in a fire, or hot sauce packet from taco bell, and placing it under the toilette seat so when the next person sits down it squirts out on their balls.
I thought it would be a funny prank to red ball my room mate.
by ccmman1324 March 25, 2010
A temperary condition caused by a man doing too much while he is horny (cured by sobering up).
Frank hadnt had sex in over a month and when he smoked that crack blunt he got red balls.
by LMxDurgex December 09, 2008
Crack (cocaine) in a can! MMMmmmmMMMM Bitch!
(asked through a jailcell) "excuse me officer, but can yall get me a redball?
by James Demon June 19, 2004
A really, really dumb thread on a forum. No one wants to read that kind of crap. Why did they post it? no one knows. All they know is that the thread sucks. Which is good enough reason to leave it.
Man, that thread MUST be stupid. I mean, it's obviously a red ball.
by Matthias00 November 12, 2003
A mixed drink consisting of RedBull and FireBall.
Bro, can you make me a RedBall real quick before we leave?
by masteriz June 21, 2016
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