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(1) the ultimate fashion faux pas


(2) an archaic hookup garment for gay men.

In 1950s London, when homosexuality was illegal, young homosexual men first used trousers made of red corduroy as a means of identifying one another at a distance, and of indicating that they were available for sexual liaisons with other men.

The trend is thought to have started out among recently-demobilised gay ex-army officers, but soon spread through polari subculture to encompass gay men in general.

The logic behind it was that red corduroy trousers are so hideous that only men who understood their true meaning would ever wear them, so there was no room for misunderstanding.
I see you're wearing red corduroy trousers. Does that mean you're up for some hot bum sex? And can I bring my friend Reggie to watch?
by Hangus the Monkey June 25, 2010
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