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(n.) A mixture of red sauce, (Spaghetti, Marinara, etc.) and period blood. Found primarily in African American culture. Red Gravy is used to put a spell on a man which keeps him from leaving the woman who gave him the Red Gravy.
she a crack ho but I can't leave her. tha bitch gayme da Red Gravy!
by The Holy Searse May 23, 2009
Pizza sauce. Used for example in South Philadelphia at a philly cheese steak shop you get pizza sauce on the cheese steak but it is listed on the menu as red gravy.
Put some of that red gravy on my philly cheese steak
by 156298 July 28, 2014
The name for pasta sauce in God's country.
Clem passed Bubba the red gravy to put on his noodles.
by KevdogBusboy December 24, 2013
When a woman is on her period.
Girl Talking: "We can't hook up tonight; I'm on the red gravy."
by Pooky Nubs September 06, 2006
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