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When getting a blowjob you push the girls head down so hard when you cum that both blood and cum shoot out her nose.... creating a red cum dragon
She was pretty pissed when I gave her a Red Cum Dragon
by Troy April 23, 2003
The action of the biting of a penis before ejaculation, so blood and semen ejaculate simultaniously.
That stupid saigon whore gave me a red cum dragon. It took my dick several days to heal, but it still hurts when I pee.
by WICKY WILD WILD WEST May 21, 2003
A beast of mythological proportion. This so-called dragon would mostly plunder in Europe, specifically in England. It would rape women until they cried. He also embarrassed people so much, that they turned "red" from his "cuming" (coming)
"Sir Lancelot! Can thou slay the Beast, who's foul words make no things at peace?"

"Nay, good King. For he made fun of my wig."
by Yousuf May 28, 2003
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