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Cafe racers, crotch rocket, motorcycles due to the asinine way people ride them.
You can be the nicest guy in the world but when you get on a Rectum Rocket you become an instant arsehole.
by ULTRON 5 November 14, 2007
its those small chili peppers typically found at boll weevill
dude .. you better take it easy on those rectum rockets or your gonna have a major burn going when you when you pinch off your next steamer
by gokoboko September 19, 2005
A hamburger from Tha Castle. It goes in easy, but comes out like a rocket, with an added gas blast.
Man those rectum rockets were killer.
by J dizzle September 03, 2003
Large member of the male genitalia used in anal insertion, purferably in females.(or males if you like that..... I guess)
Hey baby, come take a ride on my Rectum Rocket.
by Dixie Normous March 03, 2003