The heaviest, meanest, straight-edge band around. Their breakdowns are just stupid-heavy.
Hardcore Kid #1: Hey man, did you check that new Recon shit?

Hardcore Kid #2: Yeah man, that breakdown in "Armageddon" sounds like the Pope giving Lindsay Lohan an abortion with a rusty coat hanger.
by CUNextTuesdayBitch September 20, 2008
A delusional and grotesquely overweight species with a unibrow that shares no common ancestors with the homosapien. Due to it's round gelatinous belly, hiddeous facial features, and homosexual tendencies this creature has been ostracized and confined to a life of seclusion and lonesomeness sitting behind a computer in a seat in which it is likely destined to spend the remaining days of it's lackluster, unfulfilling, meaningless life.
by recons January 03, 2012
A new strand of marijuana, supposedly some of the best chronic out there right now.

Voted #1 last year by High Times magazine.

(Yeah I finally get to try some this weekend, and I am extremely excited)
"That Recon we smoked last night was the craziest shit I have ever inhaled."
by cccbbbddd November 18, 2006
A big dick american who likes to kill Fraser when
Fuck YOu Fraser Canada Sucks. Said Recon

by Justin15 October 30, 2006
An Australian Emcee
Usually seen creating dopeness in the studio
Usually accompanied by emcees who kick his buttocks and steal his milkshake and food stamps.
Eats lots of bland food.
Has a funny accent and says "Oi Primeminister" often
But over all a dope producer and emcee
None the less he looks like he got attacked by a bee hive
Hey look there is ReCon... GET HIM!
by Trill January 21, 2004

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