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someone who continully to breaks up and gets back together with they're girlfriend/ boyfriend/ect. and 9 times outta 10 there's usually sex involved.
dick: guess what me and jane are back together again!

Jo: dude isn't this the fourth time you guys are together again? and did sex kinda ruin it to begin with?

dick: yeah so?

Jo:you rebound bitch.
by shelmski May 26, 2009
usually a younger girl on the side your boyfriend lies to and uses..this girl stays around even though she knows she will be left in a matter of days or weeks so that he can go back to his REAL girl..this girl is usually a dumb stupid bitch that lives in a fantasy world..she believes all his lies..even when the world even her bestfriends know he is still with his girl..matter of fact hes in love with his girl wake up silly hoes.
when a stupid bitch swears a guy that uses her will be with her one day"rebound bitch"
by therealdeal789531436 July 22, 2009
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