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A Jedi Acedemy Clan. Apparently This Clan was founded by the one and only "Darkdefier" Although his full name can not be given out, his clan alowes laming and n00bs wich is suprising for a clan of such quality. The Reborn clan consists today of hackers,noobs and generally full of village idiots.The founder has giving sleected members of his group "council" wich is admin powers to the clans official server. What I have relised thru many years of research is that these "council" members and darkdefier himself, are n00bs hiding under the power of admin.

Reborn Clan example of there "noob like" behaviour.
Darkdefier (F):hey this guy is pretty good at fighting duels.
Sythe(C):yes ....we should kick him!
Randomer:hey dont kick me all i did was beat u fairly in a simple duel!
Darkdefier(F):sory ! its for the clans protection...
<<Randomer was kicked>>
Sythe(C):lol what a noob....
*in reality members names are written like so- .:R3:.EvilHood <<possible hacker?
by Squiblepop December 29, 2005
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