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The 2nd awesomest girl after her friend Sydney. Rebholz is short, has an anorexic head, and an almost Jew nose (see: Evan) In cartoon form she is drawn with a side part and thin, brown hair. Her official superpower is the act of turning invisible when she turns sideways because she is thinner than air. She likes Converse. She's a proud nerdfighter. She would love to see this definition. She should be a Gryffindor but is the only person to choose to go to Hufflepuff instead. Why? Rebholz is a crazy girl.
Rebholz celebrates Christmas and partly Hanukah as a child. The awesomest in the world, Sydney, says Happy Holidays!

Rebholz eats babies.
by Ra Ra Ra Ravenclaw December 06, 2010
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