1. Some guy who's always on AIM and somehow got really famous.

2. Anyone who's more famous than they deserve to be.
He's a real RebelTLF these days, isn't he?
by Fly October 03, 2004
Top Definition
A near-legendary figure on AIM who has long been associated with anything geek. A regular in nearly every major chat and a few message boards. Almost everyone who's spent a decent amount of time on AIM has at least heard of this internet celebrity.

No details about his(?) real life are known, but there are several rumors. For example, there are some who say that he is a navy captain typing wirelessly from a nuclear submarine, Kurt Cobain, a Tibetan monk, a key diplomat in the U.N., leader of the notorious razor1911 group, a porn star, and even the President of the United States.
I saw RebelTLF in the LOTR chat last night!

I don't think RebelTLF actually exists- he's just a legend.
by Paul Rove October 03, 2004
1. Anyone on AIM who is more famous than any LOTR/Pink Floyd obsessed person should ever be.

2. Taylor.

3. An ingeniously nerdy, yet undeservingly famous person who one comes across in their internet messenging travels, usually under the infamous alias RebelTLF
I think I saw RebelTLF at Guitar Center last week, but I can't be sure.

That RebelTLF...so manly, sexy, and yet ever so irritating.
by afaiienphoenix October 04, 2004
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