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Rebel Crew is an association of individuals who have United to participate and experience Peace, Love, Unity, and Having Fun. The Original Rebel Crew was established in 1986 in the Southern "Space City" Houston, Texas.

Listening, Mixxing, Producing and Recording Music is the driving and uniting motivation that propells the positive vibrations throughout the scene and through out time.

A Rebel is an "Odd Ball" someone who doesn't talk about "it" but is about "it". When a rebel speaks, others listen because the crew respects eachothers opinions and feelings.The Rebel Crew is Non Violent. The Rebel Crew contributes to society by healing one individual at a time with art and music. possesses staying power and individuality.
"I was thinking about getting a group of neighbors and family friends to join together to volunteer. The park needs to be cleaned bad!"
"That reminds me of back in the days when Rebel Crew had that club. We had to clean up tha club, then clean up the messes we made we were supposesd to be cleaning!"
by frankie5x April 17, 2011