Sex Goddess: Beautiful. Blonde Bombshell. Mindblowingly good at sex in bed. A party girl. Gets what she wants and is known to turn heads where ever she goes. Best kisser. Loves music and sex. Sexy.
Name is from the Bible. Rebekah is the Hebrew name for "bound" because she was Issac's wife.

"I had f*cking amazing sex last night with a Rebekah, man!"

"Dude, check out that Rebekah in the corner."

"That girl's a real Rebekah."
#rebekah #rebekahh #sexy #sex goddess #beautiful #amazing #blonde bombshell
by Crystal Faerie 07 September 06, 2008
A awesome, funny girl. Not exactly perfect, but just right. A little nerdy, and loves reading. Can't live without doodling all over her school work. A good friend to have for a sleepover, though don't you dare watch any scary movies with her around. Heavy sleeper. And loves the Amethyst gemstone because it's purple... duh!
friend 1: Man Rebekah is so nice!
friend 2: I think she's a little nerdy though...
friend 1: Sure, but in a good way!
#rebekah #girl #names #cool #friend
by amethyst3819 July 15, 2014
An amazingly sexy, down to earth girl. Beautiful inside and out. She loves to have fun no matter where she's at or who she's with. Everyone is drawn to her. Guys want her and girls want to be her. She's one of the guys, but will turn heads everywhere she goes. Strong sexual appetite, but very picky. Adventurous. Spontaneous. Respectful. Hilarious. Playful. Secure with herself. HUGE heart. She has the "IT" factor. Her eyes will drive any man insane and her boobs are gorgeous. She has many secret talents. She is a loyal friend. Doesnt get offended easily and is slow to anger, but definitely not the person you would want to piss off. Has an amazing body. Level-headed and well rounded in every way.
You're aiming too high man, that girl is a Rebekah, your're trying to get on her level, but you're not even in the same building as her...You'll never get a girl like that!
#gorgeous #rebecca #becca #becky #bekah #bekka #beck #sexy #beautiful
by crazydoctor11904 July 07, 2011
In love with love. Falls in love easily. Rebekah's are kind and care greatly for others. Rebekah's are very shy at first but later on become some of the greatest friends ever. They get attached to things too easily and love god. People often misspell their name. Rebekah's think about their future and worry WAY too much! They will always feel like they aren't good enough and try to improve theirselves always. They think of others first and worry too much about what others think. They get embarrassed easily and often act stupidly around guys that they like. Their feelings get hurt very easily and often hide their pain that hurts the most and lets the rest go. They HATE scary movies.
Rebekah's try to better themselves always.
#rebekah #bekah #jarrett #love #kind #caring
by FutureMrs_____ September 20, 2014
The sweetest, most caring girl you will ever meet. She always has a smile on her face, and no one can bring her down. She's loyal to all of her friends and strives to make every one of them smile. She's shorter than most with a round face and blue eyes and blonde hair. She's a good sport, and focuses on fun more than winning. She is my best friend~
Boy: Dang, that girl's so nice~
Me: She's Rebekah!
#cute #nice #blonde #smile #soft #caring
by Sketchy Sketchy December 30, 2012
Sexy redhead with a bangin bod. Boys foam at the mouth for her, she's an aggressive lover, loves to bite, is very flirtatious even when shes not trying, awesome personality. Shes a hot sexy girl that turns on not only guys but girls too. If you catch a "Rebekah" in your net, keep her! You'll only regret letting her go!
That girl is so smokin fine, she must be a rebekah
#sexy #sex #aggressive #hot #rebekah
by jamesArt December 23, 2011
the hottest girl alive. she is short but has huge boobs. she is very sexy
She is such a Rebekah.
#rebekah #hot #sexy #pretty #short
by who i want November 18, 2010
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