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Sex Goddess: Beautiful. Blonde Bombshell. Mindblowingly good at sex in bed. A party girl. Gets what she wants and is known to turn heads where ever she goes. Best kisser. Loves music and sex. Sexy.
Name is from the Bible. Rebekah is the Hebrew name for "bound" because she was Issac's wife.

"I had f*cking amazing sex last night with a Rebekah, man!"

"Dude, check out that Rebekah in the corner."

"That girl's a real Rebekah."
by Crystal Faerie 07 September 06, 2008
Hot sexy girl, with a nice body, aggressive lover, quite flirtatious, and banging personality.
Wow that girl flirts like a rebekah.
by Rebekaaah August 31, 2008
Isaac's wife in The Bible (mother of Jacob and Esau), a unique way of spelling Rebecca
Everyone mispells my name when I say it's Rebekah. I have to spell it out, and tell them I was named after a woman in the Bible.
by RebekahA April 11, 2006
Rebekah is the wife of Issac in the Bible.
Mother of Jacob and Esau.
The name Rebekah is Hebrew, and means "Bound to God"
REBEKAH is the correct way to spell the name, not REBECCA which is just a accidentally altered form of it. =P
by mirror.image September 07, 2008
Beautiful girl who is amazing in school, very insecure, loves music, thinks she's forever alone and loves cheesy romance. Gets really annoyed when people call her Becky or misspell her name.
Your name's Rebekah? Okay. R-E-B-E-C-C-A
No. K-A-H. No C's in my name.
by Hakeber? March 05, 2012
Rebekah is another way to call someone really awesome, This name is also givin to really cute, playful and sweet girls and you just have to love them xD
Last night with rebekah?
by Gotta love pres October 07, 2009
A truly amasing girl, who is beautiful, cute and very sexy, sometimes pessimistic but still knows how to make you feel better, strives to help everyone she can no matter the cost, has a great musical taste and can be nerdy sometimes. She also has lovely boobs and is just pure awesomesauce.
You see that cute girl over there? I bet shes very sexual like Rebekah.
Awwww, you're such a Bekah.
by Mr Salmon May 03, 2011
An amazingly sexy, down to earth girl. Beautiful inside and out. She loves to have fun no matter where she's at or who she's with. Everyone is drawn to her. Guys want her and girls want to be her. She's one of the guys, but will turn heads everywhere she goes. Strong sexual appetite, but very picky. Adventurous. Spontaneous. Respectful. Hilarious. Playful. Secure with herself. HUGE heart. She has the "IT" factor. Her eyes will drive any man insane and her boobs are gorgeous. She has many secret talents. She is a loyal friend. Doesnt get offended easily and is slow to anger, but definitely not the person you would want to piss off. Has an amazing body. Level-headed and well rounded in every way.
You're aiming too high man, that girl is a Rebekah, your're trying to get on her level, but you're not even in the same building as her...You'll never get a girl like that!
by crazydoctor11904 July 07, 2011