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Generally a sweaty gypsy who hasnt had a wash for many fortnights, likes to lick windows and lamposts.

Usually can be seen with a cold sore/love bite on her eyelid, and with illuminous grotty lips.

Hated mostly by everyone especially her teachers, mainly because shes a bit retarded.

Has an imaginary friend named Mohammed who she talks to on a regularly basis.

She lurks around the sewers and swamps waiting for her next meal to arrive, while she waits she sharpens her teeth and toenails.
'Omg look at that Rebekah Stabler going into the sewer, shes dirty'

'Wow everyone can see Rebekah Stabler in the dark with those bright lips'

'Urgh i think i can smell Rebekah Stabler, she needs a wash.'-
by Iya Sxc January 17, 2011

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