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One of the two protagonist that stars in the prequel Resident Evil 0, she is the youngest of the fictional STARS Bravo team. She is highly adept in mixing different healing concotions with herbs. Sole survivor of her division of the STARS team.
Wow your so good with mixing herbs...

Rebecca Chambers: Thank you
by A Merchant November 03, 2007
Rebecca Chambers is a rookie member of S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team, who is in charge of rear security, and serves as the team's medic. She was portrayed by an actress credited as "Linda" in the live-action segments of the first Resident Evil, Hope Levy in the GameCube remake of the same, Riva DiPaola in Resident Evil Zero7, and by Stephanie Sheh in Umbrella Chronicles. In Zero, she was modeled after Japanese pop star Ayumi Hamasaki, who was the official spokeswoman for the game in Japan.8

Rebecca makes her first appearance in the original Resident Evil, as a supporting character who assists Chris Redfield, one of the main characters, in the character's version of the story.9 She arrives at the Arklay Research Facility before the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team, after her unit is scattered across the Arklay Mountains.10 Her introduction and other appearances throughout the game varies depending on the path the player and the character can be controlled by the player during certain portions of the story. Depending on what paths the player takes.

Rebecca is one of the main protagonists in Resident Evil Zero, which serves as a prequel to Resident Evil. In the game, Rebecca stumbles aboard the Ecliptic Express while investigating a series of murders within the Arklay Mountains. She encounters a convicted ex-marine, Billy Coen, who helps her. The two discover that the attacks have been masterminded by James Marcus, formerly one of the Umbrella Corporation's top scientists, who has reanimated himself to kill his murderers. Rebecca also appears in Umbrella Chronicles, which summarizes the events of Resident Evil Zero and also appears in two chapters, which detail her experiences between Resident Evil Zero and the first Resident Evil. The chapters pair her off with fellow Bravo Team comrade Richard Aiken, as they work together to fend off hordes of undead creatures on the mansion's estate. In the first game, Rebecca was portrayed by an unknown model named "Linda" and voiced by Lynn Harris. In the 2002 remake, she was portrayed by Hope Levy. Canadian actress Riva Di Paola portrayed her in Resident Evil 0.
Rebecca Chambers
by Rebecca_Chambers July 10, 2008
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