One of the mainstream singers. Made the strange and senseless song called Friday. It's shit and it doesn't make any sense. For example, in the music video she says "which seat should I take" when there is only one seat.

The song is quite annoying....
The song "Friday" has a very deep lyrics. It brings up great questions about our society today, such as, "Which seat do I take." In her music video, Black is shown contemplating what seat to take when only one spot is available. This symbolizes how in today's society, nothing can be taken lightly.

Therefore, it can only be assumed that if Rebecca Black decided to ride the bus that she would have a mental breakdown because of all the available seats.
by seventeenpandasonthestairs March 21, 2011
A 13 year old who put out a music video called Friday. Her video basically teaches us the days of the week. Her song Friday actually says "Yesterday was Thursday. Today is Friday. We so excited. Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterward". It has over 5 million views on youtube for the simple fact everyone things its a joke, but this is an actual serious video. You have to actually watch it yourself to understand. Shes a joke to the world.
Just search Rebecca Black on youtube and watch this disaster for yourself.
by Tiffanygenise March 15, 2011
Dubbed by the world and the internet as the worst singer ever noticed by mankind. She even rivals Justin Biebers singing talents, and the song is worse than Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up".

If you don't believe the universe, Google it and be amazed by pure talent (sarcasm).
Tim: "Hey Joe, check out this song I found on Youtube! It's got 36 Million Views!!"


Joe: "I fucking hate you. Rebecca Black blows more cock than Justin Bieber!"
by Chodealini March 22, 2011
A person of the female affinity who produced a music video for the sole purpose of informing those who do not know that it is Friday, which comes after Thursday and is followed by Saturday which is then followed by Sunday.
by rebeccablackisthebestsinger March 14, 2011
Rebecca Black is a teenager who has an important decision on either kicking in the front seat or sitting in the back seat. loves the day Friday, as shown on her music video "Friday". when she wakes up gotta have her cereal. she's in a rush and has to go to the bus stop. and makes her life important decision on either kicking in the front seat or sitting in the back seat, which there is only one seat available in the back so that already show's her intelligence. and then show's her excitement because its Friday. then decides to give us all a calender reading lesson singing:
"Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday
Today i-is Friday, Friday (Partyin')
We-we-we so excited
We so excited
We gonna have a ball today

Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes after ... wards"
and then you would get so aggravated at this dumb ass music video that you would stop and just think "what the fuck"
Rebecca Black: it's friday, friday, friday...
you: just shut the fuck up
by fuckyouandyourcouchtwat.tumblr March 13, 2011
Possibly the most hated singer on the internet; Nasaly as fuck; Justin Bieber on steriods
Have you heard that new Rebecca Black song? Yea she taught my Thursday through Sunday!
by Justin Miler March 22, 2011
notorious youtube phenominon. teaches us about the days of the week. contemplates which seat to take. gets in a car with an underage driver. likes to be fresh, have cereal, make it down to the bus stop.
guy 1: wanna meet on friday, after thursday?
guy 2: dont go all rebecca black on me. I know my days of the week
by carm anastasia March 16, 2011
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