the most annoying and untalented person to have over 50 million veiws on a video.

someone that everyone wants dead.
i went to this art gallery last night and the artist was a rebecca black, i ended up beating the shit out of him...
by morePOOPplease March 27, 2011
When a person contracts the Black Plague, a common side-effect is for them to sing lyrics that state the most obvious things in a voice that is clearly a bad use of autotune.
Person 1; Today is Friday, so tomorrow must be Saturday

Person 2; You must have a bad case of Rebecca Black
by Black_Plague March 25, 2011
The reason i hate Fridays now
Friend: "Did you hear that new song Friday by Rebecca Black"

Me: "Yea"

Friend: "I love it so much! she is great at singing... Because its friday friday! ahaha!"

Me: "How do you know she's a good singer through all the autotune?"

Friend: "She's just so talented!"

Me: "...."
by Ilikesaturdaymore March 22, 2011
a reatarded girl with an annoying song. She has a high pitched voice and sucks at singing. She needs, NAY, MUST stop singing
Who's that?

rebecca black
She sounds horrible!!
by Jelllyyyyooo April 26, 2011
Mrs.FRIDAY;a female who doesnt belong in the music industry; someone who is such a poor excuse of a music artist that she cant even autotune and has lyrics that are sooo pointless, take over ur mind, and states the obvious but apparently thts wat gets millions of idiotic pplz attention. AKA the future princess killer of all music.
i cant stand Rebecca Black!
Rebecca Black is the female Justin Bieber.
by RIKIYA7804 March 24, 2011
A girl who rose to fame from her song called "Friday." She has 1,000,000 dislikes on the video a task reached only by her and Justin Bieber.
Have you heard Rebecca Black's song Friday
by rad-dawg March 28, 2011
A young teenage girl whose been bullied by critiques and people because of her music video "Friday". She has more talent in her pinky finger than all of the people who said bad things about her do in their entire body. Out of all of this, she seems like a cool girl.
dude 1: Dude, Rebecca Black just wished me happy birthday on Twitter!

dude 2: Congrats man.
by Tsang21 August 15, 2011

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