Rebecca: is the woman i love with all my heart shes funny cute sexy smart adorable honest outgoing loving caring understanding and reads way to much a little bit of a BLOWFISH
Boyfriend: what are you rebecca

Sister: blowfish

Rebecca: what

Boyfriend: i heard blowfish
by XDJxOrTiZx August 08, 2011
Doesn't need an urban dictionary to tell her that she is hot as fuck and has nice breasts. Doesn't give a fuck about anyone else's name or what it means, cause it's not like it's hers. Rebecca is the best name in the world and nothing can top it.
Sheep 1: Rebecca is mint

Sheep 2: I know
by Therealrebecca October 20, 2013
Rebecca is a friendly, kind and beautiful girl. Her personality is very colourful and she is always willing to help someone in need. She is usually happy and bubbly. Rebeccas have great senses of humour and are easy to talk to. Rebeccas are very good friends and great people to be around. Rebeccas are generally very smart and talented. Rebeccas are artistic and take risks. Rebeccas are courageous, energetic and determined. Rebeccas tend to be vey athletic and are dedicated to sports such as swimming, athletics, cycling and tennis. To impress a Rebecca is very hard however it is possible. Rebeccas are generally honest, kind and loyal. Rebeccas can be a lot of fun when they are in a good mood which is most of the time.
Haley: I dropped my shopping at the mall and this girl picked it up for me. She was incredibly friendly and I talked to her for a while. She was also very pretty and happy. I forgot to ask her name though.

Jade: With feautures like that, she must have been a Rebecca!
by picklesaretasty July 12, 2013
A confident girl who fights for what she believes in and never puts her head down.She has taken alot of shit over the years but fought for her rights and her friends.She is beautiful and kind to the people who don't piss her off and always love to dance craizylly and not afraid of what people thinks about her cuz she knows she's magical and awesome and beautiful in every way i would say that she's a unicorn.She's also really funny and i laugh till it hurts when she says jokes or a hilarious story.And lastly (even thought there is so much more good things about her that i cannot name them all)she is amazing best friend who cares alot about her friends more then she cares about her she is the other half of me.
GIRL 1:that girl seems like such a bitch
GIRL 2:i wouldn't talk about her like that cuz she's da bomb she's kind and awesome more than ull ever be.
GIRL 2:I wish i was more like Rebecca
by dabestyologirlforeva123 February 27, 2014
She is a very loving, caring, beautiful girl who cares if you do anything that could hurt you and worries about you and if you need help with something she will be there and if she needs help she will tell you also she likes you for you not the size of you d*ck or your hair or your body she likes you for your personality also she likes music and doesn't force you to like hers but she will suggest you some and they are usually really good if your into that genre. Also she will deal with your @$$hole friends as long as they don't go to far (don't act like you don't have any friends like that) and she can take a joke,she may ball-tap you sometimes but she is doing it out of love saying you went full @$$hole, you never go full @$$hole and even then she does apologize. Also she likes being independent and likes buying her own food and stuff and opening her own doors and not everything being done for her (and gets mad at me when I do it for her but it doesn't mean I'm going to stop) but she does enjoy being carried. Also she is the only one that can make me smile and isn't afraid to be herself or weird and i'm extremely lucky to be dating such an amazing girl ~her @$$hole CJ
by Cjhzombiekiller July 16, 2014
Rebecca's are funny, loyal, and bubbly friends. They will always want the best for you and make sure of it. They themselves are never in a relationship but always support friends that are. They are always happy and make the best out of situations. They love hanging out with friends and watching movies. Rebecca's always try to make others happy. They are usually shorter but their exciting personality makes up for their height. They have long hair and green eyes.
Wow your so lucky to have a friend like "Rebecca".
by urbanthot September 09, 2014
A girl that is cray, but is also cute at the same time.
She is such a Rebecca, but somehow I really like her.
by Not_Dylan December 27, 2014

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