the smartest,prettiest,most fun loving,joyfull(gay)person, that everyone wants to be around
rebecca is so cool
by mustangluver25 July 18, 2008
THE coolest cat around
Rebecca is the the bee's knees.
by andr00l July 08, 2009
Rebecca is an amazing individual. Her personality contains all of the cliches: creative, passionate, beautiful, smart, and great sense of humor. She deeply cares about others, and she always puts a smile on her friend's and family's faces. The one word that best describes her is "awesome" because, come on, every mother wants their child to be awesome, right?
Rebecca is the girl who makes my day worth living.
by Slagathor Thomas July 24, 2009
Beautiful, out-going, nerdy girl that will be there for you and always put a smile on your face. She is very sexy when she isn"t trying and even sexier when trying.
Isn't Rebecca to die for?

by HerAdmirer92993 December 28, 2011
One of the best friends anyone could ever have. Sweet, pretty, and hilarious! Anyone with Rebecca as a friend should thank the lord, because they have found one amazing gal!
Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca, my best friend(: <3
by lissie7840 December 06, 2010
The name Rebecca is from hebrew decent and the meaning of which is "to bind". Typically nowadays it is used to describe someone that is absolutely perfect in every sense of the word. She is sweet, funny cute, smart, social, and amazing. She will most often be very attractice, and is very easy going.
I met a really nice chick at the bar yesterday, she must have been a rebecca
by Waterrrrrrrheh January 15, 2011
After hours of meticulous labor, the work was Rebecca.
by Legen-wait for it-dary September 23, 2010

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