A singer who takes two sentences to tell us she has to have a bowl of cereal in the morning.
REBECCA BLACK: Gotta have my bowl. Gotta have cereal.
LISTENER: Now why the heck didn't she just say, "Gotta have my bowl of cereal?".
by Daedalus Suburbanus April 08, 2011
Chick version of justin bieber also known for her top 40 hit song "Friday"
Jamal: hey jamahl ima turn on the radio Rebecca Blacks new song is on!
Jamahl: *gets a gun then shoots himself*
by Tacowbell March 28, 2011
Also see Justin Bieber.

13 year old (Hurrah for jailbait) from California who's gaining fame for the viral hit pop song, "Friday" (pronounced "Fry Dey" in the song), which reached 13 million views on YouTube within 6 days. (Place your bets for when you think she'll rehab NOW)

The song itself is mostly famous for being so bad and is heavily autotuned. However, autotune magic proved hardly effective in this case, as she still sounds positively atrocious and robotic.

With questionable lyrics that consists of the following verses:

Yesterday was Thursday
Today is Friday (Partyin')
We so excited
Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes afterwards

the sheer stupidity of this song had many dumbfounded youtubers crying "Parody!". Alas, it is not but a legit song that you can download on iTunes for 99 cents.

Her growing fame raises a familiar question: what the hell happened to the music industry? We've dealt with Ke$ha. We handled Bieber. But Black? Think about it! From Beatles to Black! This is where we are today in popular music.
I nearly lost my faith with Bieber, but I still believed that there would be the second coming of John Lennon.

But now that Rebecca Black has hit the mainstream, I've completely lost my faith in the popular music industry. Excuse whilst I cry my emo tears whilst listening to my favourite indie band.
by HickorySmokes March 17, 2011
A teenage singer that sings about Fridays and buses. Her choice about which bus seat to take was harder than Rosa Parks's. She enjoys riding with the top down while a 13 year old drives and cutting to a random black singer for several seconds in her song.

Also, she is the proud holder of one of the most disliked videos in the history of Youtube.
Friend: Hey man i cant get Rebecca Black's friday song out of my head.

You: Think a bullet would help?

Friend: Yes!
by GORILLADIX March 30, 2011
I barely know who this bitch is....... But all twitter is talking about anymore is this girl. If you youtube her song "friday" & actually listen to it, you have a huge possibility of wanting to commit suicide right after. When she sings she sounds like there's a huge stick up her ass & she's in pain. In her song "friday", she repeats the fact that its friday & that you gotta get down on friday. Rebeccas friends eventually roll up in a convertible (her friends look like they're about 11) & can't decide which seat to take when there's clearly one in the back seat, right in the mother fucking middle. She does an amazing job of making people want to pull their ears off their head. i'd rather listen to my parents fucking for a day then listin to this song.
-Hey have you heard of rebecca black?
-Yea, she makes me wanna kill myself

Friday, friday, gotta get down on friday
by cbenzzzzzzzzzzzzzz March 21, 2011
A talented singer who is the female version of Justin Bieber. Her debut single Friday, which has over 30 million views on Youtube, has propelled her to absolute stardom. She is most famous for her deep and insightful lyrics which have inspired the literary geniuses of many. For example, her profound philosophical vision can be observed through the lyrics "Yesterday is Thursday, today it is Friday... Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards." These lyrics are obviously an exploration of the ephemeral nature of human life, reflecting her inherent existentialist beliefs. However, auto-tune credit must be given to Ark Music Factory. Her friends include the 13 year old boy with a driving license, fat Usher, and the girl in pink dancing (who undoubtedly deserves her own fan base). Deservedly, her inspirational dicta "Which seat can I take?" has made itself a Trending Topic, even leading Helena Bonham Carter to remark that she "killed the wrong black." All in all, Rebecca Black is brilliance itself.
Fred: "Rebecca Black is the new Justin Bieber."
George: "Who's Justin Bieber? Never heard of her. But Rebecca Black sure can rhyme!"
~music in the background: Gotta have my bowl/ Gotta have cereal~

Fred: "I really admire Rebecca Black's optimism. She never bows down to her fears, and still sports a wide smile despite the dilemmas in her life."
George: "I mean, how would I able to make a decision as to where to sit?"
~Kickin’ in the front seat / Sittin’ in the back seat / Gotta make my mind up / Which seat can I take?~

Ron: yah!
Ron: yah!
George: R-B Rebecca Black yo! In da house!
by mean.queen March 21, 2011
A pop singer who has a music video "Friday" that went viral for all the right reasons. Finally there is a singer bad enough to demonstrate the absurdity of what the music industry has become.
Rebecca Black: "What seat should I take?"

You: "The trunk!"
by Tru1234567890 March 17, 2011
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