The single most talented and touching lyrical genius of the 21st century. Successfully touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people with her hit single "Friday" in 2011. The music video was shared all across Twitter and even on Comedy Central and Tosh.0; that's just how good it is. Rebecca Black is known very well to have taught teenagers across the globe that not only is Thursday before Friday, but Saturday follows and Sunday comes afterward.
1. "Dude, did you listen to that song, 'Friday'?"
"Yeah, I think that chick was pretty, but I was too busy lolling to tell."

2. "Rebecca Black is a lyrical genius. She taught me 4 days of the week in just one song."
by Xreaper2070 March 13, 2011
Auto tone in its purest form--a talentless tween that makes Justin Bieber look like Mozart.
Jim suffered from severe trauma after listening to Rebecca Black's "Friday".
by HappyLotto March 22, 2011
Rebecca Black is a singer for Ark Music Factory, a Los Angeles based company operating as an industry hybrid of Maurice Starr and John Bennett Ramsey. She preforms songs dealing with personal struggles, such as picking the front seat or back seat.
Thanks to Rebecca Black, I know that "It’s Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday"...
by Tapica Johnson March 14, 2011
Some random female singer that has a terrible voice that released a song called "Friday" that has become a hit on Youtube for being called by some as the worst song of all time. This is due to her terrible singing voice and lame lyrics.
Person 1: Did you hear Rebecca Black's song "Friday"

Person 2: No, is it good?

Person 1: Hell no! It sucks balls big time!
by viva riolu March 13, 2011
Someone who rises to virtual overnight fame for something that is no where near worthy of the attention, yet is widespread internationally for certain reasons. These reasons include the amount of mediocrness, the hilariousness of such event/media item, or just unintended reasons of entertainment.
Glenn: Hey dude, have you ever seen George Lopez's talkshow?

Jared: No, why? Is it funny?

Glenn: Oh, no. It is terrible. His jokes are so bad, that occasionally, I'll laugh because of the mediocrness.

Jared: Hahaha. That dude must be a Rebecca Black.
by DHolman_est1993 March 15, 2011
A terrible pop singer. Period. Her nasally voice, unremarkable style, and completely uncreative lyrics will make your ears bleed. Her "song", friday, is so ridiculously bad it got 25,000,000 views on youtube in 2 weeks.

If you listen to it you will curse God for giving you ears. You will want to hang yourself and shoot the person who gave her a record deal, for creating the horrible abomination that is now clogging the airways.

The best theory of why anyone would ever let this song happen is to create some kind of real life satire. They are trying to show how this generation will like to any music if the people who make it tell them to.
Rebecca Black:
"Yesterday was Thursday
Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes afterwards."

"fun, fun, fun, fun" to infinity and beyond.
by dr.salamander March 20, 2011
1) Author of the most profound theory on spacetime since Einstein...single-handedly discovered the correlation between Friday and getting down; published said theory in a complex song that has since been widely accepted by the scientific community as correctly placing Friday between Thursday and Sunday.

2) A modern day Shakespeare. "Which seat should I take?" a metaphor that juggles the internal paradox of sitting up front in life or sitting in the back seat.

3) The 13 year old love-child of Antoine Dodson and Britney Spears
Person 1: "Hey did you hear that new Rebecca Black song?"

Person 2: "Yeah, thank God she cleared up the days of the week because waking up and crushing Four Locos on Tuesday was just NOT working out for me"
by Fitness Celebrty Jon Basedow March 22, 2011

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