A young teenage girl whose been bullied by critiques and people because of her music video "Friday". She has more talent in her pinky finger than all of the people who said bad things about her do in their entire body. Out of all of this, she seems like a cool girl.
dude 1: Dude, Rebecca Black just wished me happy birthday on Twitter!

dude 2: Congrats man.
by Tsang21 August 15, 2011
The thirteen year old girl who wrote the newest internet phenomenon "Friday." Some people really love her song, some people really don't.
"Did you hear about Rebecca Black?"

by Tom Boss Ross March 18, 2011
The writer/singer of the best song/music video in the world!

But she gets indecisive about where to sit.
She drives in cars with Jr. Highers.

She knows the days of the week.
Who are you listening to!?" "Rebecca Black" "Why?" "Cuz its FRYYYDAYYY!
by ilovewhales11 March 19, 2011
An amazing performer whom has recently release a new pop hit, titled Friday.

It has recently exploded over an anonymous website, which refuses to be named and the members can not get enough.
Friday is now up for a Grammy award and is possibly going to define the future of music.
Rebecca also has trouble making decisions.
I don't know if I should kick it in the front seat or sit in the back seat. REBECCA BLACK, HELP ME!
by rebeccablack4evz March 13, 2011
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