Recently popular internet singer. Became an overnight celebrity after her video "friday" featured on a comedy website. Characterized by heavy autotune, inane lyrics, and a general lack of singing proficiency. Debate is raing as to whether she is a legitimate, albeit untalented, singer, or the face of an elaborate spoof. Can also be used when somebody has said something blindingly obvious (something similar to her lyrics).
ex. A:

"So, um, is this Rebecca Black legit?"
ex. B:

person 1 : "so, today is friday, which makes tomorrow saturday! and sunday the day after that!"
person 2 : "bit of a rebecca black moment, don't you think?"
by mypseudonymwillappearonline! March 15, 2011
A poor excuse for a singer; considered the newest female Justin Bieber counterpart, Rebecca sings a song about the days of the week and her love of "Fry-dey" where she has a lot of "fun fun fun fun". She has no concept of musical creativity, meaningful lyrics, or concealer since she has a huge zit on her right cheek throughout the middle of her music video.

Those who love Justin Bieber will love Rebecca Black. Those who don't (aka 99.98% of the world's population) will want to kick her ass EVERY day of the week.
"Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday/Today i-is Friday, Friday (Partyin’)/We-we-we so excited/We so excited/We gonna have a ball today/Tomorrow is Saturday/And Sunday comes after...wards/I don’t want this weekend to end." -Rebecca Black
by samiam15141 March 15, 2011
To send someone a link to Rebecca Black's mind-numbingly awful song "Friday" when they were expecting the link to send them somewhere completely different. This is similar to a Rick Roll, but much much worse.
Jerry told me that the link was to a hilarious news story, but instead I had to listen to that girl screech "Friday" over and over again. Why does she list the days of the week? Why?! I was just Rebecca Blacked. And it isn't even Friday. That bastard.
by Worst Meme Ever March 14, 2011
The bitch who made the most annoying song in the history of the world. Justin Beiber is approved by the world more than those who approve of Rebecca Black. The infamous Friday song consists of Black telling the world it's Friday (even when it's clearly not Friday). She also us the days of the week, as if we don't already know it. We know Thursday is before Friday, Friday is Friday, Saturday is after Friday, and Sunday is after Saturday. But that bitch thinks we're too dumb to know. She also has to decide where to sit in a car, the front seat or the back seat. Which is the dumbest shit ever because someone is already is in the front seat, which means you're suppose to sit in the BACK SEAT, BITCH. The music video consists of 12 year old kids in front of a green screen pretending to drive a convertible and two girls on the side dancing awkwardly, becoming a giant sensation on Tumblr. Also, a random black guy, who is obviously older than 12, rapping and perhaps even attending the same party as the kids. Creepy much? The song is plague. It hurts your ears, makes you want to cry, and drops your IQ 100 points but somehow it sticks to your head, spreads like a cancer and can causes you to even sing it sometimes.
Guy: Forget Beiber Fever, I got the Black Plague!

Rebecca Black: Kickin’ in the front seat
Sittin’ in the back seat
Gotta make my mind up
Which seat can I take?

Rebecca Black: Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday
Today i-is Friday, Friday (Partyin’)
We-we-we so excited
We so excited
We gonna have a ball today
Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes afterwards
I don’t want this weekend to end
by jayygatsby March 16, 2011
To be a dumb bitch that can't sing for shit, only to auto tune the shit out of your voice, put in on youtube, get views only because people are mocking your stupid song, and think you're cool. We're laughing at you Rebecca, not with you. We We We so laughing at you.
The majority of todays music actually, not specially Rebecca Black.
by IhateRebeccaBlack March 16, 2011
Annoying teenage singer who sings the song "Friday". Autotune can't save her nasally monotone voice, her facial expressions are annoying, and her lyrics were written by 5 year olds that are learning their days of the week.

*sing holding your nose*
"IT'S FRIDAY IT'S FRIDAY IT'S FRIDAY yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday and the day after is Sunday, Friday, Friday...."

She begins by complaining about her week, then wakes up Friday to get ready for school. She begins to eat cereal with her family (I'm sure it was a green screened fake family because her real one probably disowned her), then she gets picked up by her friends in a nice convertable. Her friends don't look old enough to drive, but no that doesn't stop them. Afterall, it's Friday. Then she sings several verses contemplating which seat to sit in. There are 5 seats, and there are already 4 of her friends in the car. Who does she think she is anyway?? Is she really thinking about shuffling all her friends around so she can have the front seat? You stupid, arrogant girl. Then, randomly a 50 year old black man pulls up and starts rapping in a convertable of his own. I hope they aren't going to the same party.

She sounds like pure, unfiltered, verbal diarrea.
Rebecca Black: Hey do you like my new song "Friday"?

Person 2: Look, nowhere in that incoherant rambling was anything that we consider close to a rational thought. Everybody around you is dumber because of listening to you. You have been awarded no points. May God have mercy on your soul.

Rebecca Black: Cheer up! It's Friday Friday Friday Friday...
by the killer cheeto March 20, 2011
-the lyrical genius of our time.

-can be compared to Justin Bieber

-a major component in the deteriorating world of pop music.
"Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday
Today i-is Friday, Friday

Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes after...wards"

- Friday by Rebecca Black
by nxt2yoshi March 17, 2011
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