The reason why the word "Friday" will be stuck in your brain and will scar you for the rest of your life.

Person 2: Oh god, why did you have to remind me of that Rebecca Black song....
by wolf4537 March 30, 2011
Some rich girl made famous by YouTube who feels the need to recite the days of the week in a song so she won't forget them. And who was obviously influenced by Stephanie Meyer's Twilight books.
Rebecca Black "Yesterday was Thursday Today is Friday Friday Friday Friday Tomorrow is Saturday Sunday comes after Saturday"
by blurbb March 29, 2011
What happens when a 13 year old pre-pubescent girl whose parents have too much money and spoil their little brat of a child causing a spiral effect of internet sensation and general hatred. This is caused by making feeble attempts to create pleasant music about the obvious while choking on a nasal infection.
Rebecca Black likes to use phrases like "Friday friday friday," "fun fun fun fun fun fun," "Yesterday was thursday, today it is friday, tomorrow is saturday, and sunday comes afterwards," "we so excited," and "which seat do I take?"

Also, a black rapper
by ih8rebecca March 28, 2011
The result of parents who don't tell their overpriveliged kids "no" enough. She's thirteen years old, sings what has been called the worst song of all time, and then wonders why the whole fucking internet treats her like shit.

The song in question is called "Friday" and chronicles her weekly Friday schedule, describing everything from pouring herself a bowl of cereal to driving to a boozeless party in excrutiatingly bland detail.

She became an overnight internet sensation simply because of the fact the the lyrics, singing, and production values in her "music video" are so overwhelmingly sub-par that they have drawn attention from major news outlets, such as Good Morning America, Tosh.0, etc.

Because of her universally panned debut video, it is unlikely that any sort of career will stem form this musical abortion.
Guy1: Hey bro, have you seen that new video by Rebecca Black?

Guy2: No, is it good?

Guy1: Uh..Yeah, totally. Go watch it, it's awesome.

The next day...

Guy 2: You fucking prick...

by Aandrew07 March 25, 2011
A young girl who enjoys getting "down" on fridays, she is always looking forward to the weeked and like cereal in the morning at around 7:15 am she makes her way to the bus stop and gets in a car with her other 13 year old friends who can drive! she can only be friends with girls if they have moles on their faces so it is an exculsive group. There is also an underground cult who worship her and demand her to constantly sing the song Friday. If you attempt to visit this cult on any other day then friday they will kill you. If you find them on a friday they WILL be getting down.
Tom: hey Rebecca when do you wanna get down?
Tom: and what are you looking forward to?
by R.Clarky March 24, 2011
A twelve year old singer in possession of perhaps the most nasally voice EVER & who cannot decide between the front seat and the back seat. Commonly associated with phrases such as, "It's FRIIIDAY, FRIIIDAY! GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIIIDAY!" She is apparently friends with a 40 year old Usher-esque man. Her song is very educational and will teach kids about the days of the week.
Shut up, do you think you're Rebecca Black or something?
by cowboyalien March 24, 2011
A talented 13 year-old teen singer from California who became viral for her infamous and much-criticized song called "Friday".
So, have you heard Rebecca Black sing about Fridays? It was so awful.

Ahh!!! Rebecca Black's music hurts my ears so bad!!!

I thought Rebecca Black sings a song about 'fried eggs'. Oh, well, she is the worst singer of our generation.
by BlackPlague99999 March 23, 2011

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