Rebecca Black is the artist of the widley love/hated song Friday. Often described as the next Justin Beiber. People say they hate her, but she has over 30 million veiws and is already 5 in itunes.

The song is annoying and monotonus, but she is only 13 and all 13 year olds like to get down on FRIDAY!!
Person 1: I hate Rebecca Black
Person 2: She's the next Justin Beiber
by BlueberryMuffin99 March 21, 2011
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Accomplished musical artist renowned for her skills in reciting the days of the week while having lots of FUN FUN FUN. Her life has been characterized by a series difficult decisions, such as picking a seat on the way to school.
Person 1: Today it is Friday. What was yesterday?
Person 2: Thursday, man! Didn't you learn anything from the new Rebecca Black song?
by fridayfan March 15, 2011
A vile creature who feeds on orphans and uses their screams to create music.
Stevo: Hey Rebecca, whats the day today?


Stevo: Godammit!!
by stevokinevoo March 14, 2011
A lyrical genius of our generation.

She is clearly talking about the struggle for identity which all teenagers go through, when they don't really know their place in the world, or their 'seat' if you will. Seriously, this girl is a fucking genius.

I thought it was more about the socioeconomic role of those in the front seat taking the lead in propelling industry and fiscal disparity between social classes, and those in the backseats being beholden to their whims. She's in the backseat, and clearly at the behest of the monetary elite who are driving her about, but she's also achieved a zen-like calm about her plight and has learned to enjoy the backseat, which she shares with her friends in a similar plight. The awkward smiles on their brace-laden mouths expresses a subtlety of both pain, at what they can never have, and an almost joy at their acquiescence to capitalism's class divergence. She's at peace with the back seat, and I think we can all take comfort in that lesson.

But lest we forget, she is sitting in the middle of the three back seats. She can still perfectly see straight ahead at the wide open roads aka opportunities to move up in the world. Clearly she still feels some longing and jealousy towards the monetary elite. The repetition of "fun fun fun fun" seems as if she is trying to drum it into her head that she is content with her social standing, but she is not truly believing it. I hope we get a sequel to the video.
Rebecca Black is an auto-tuned Fran Drescher.

Her lyrics:

"Yesterday was Thursday,
Today is Friday,
Tomorrow is Satuday,
And Sunday comes afterwards."
by sickwonderland March 13, 2011
A girl that knows what day it is and feels the need to sing about it. She can be seen going to catch the bus but then contemplating whether to go in the front or back seat of a 4 year old's convertible. She will then time warp into 7:45 at night where she is seen with a friend to her right whilst "partying partying yeah" and having "fun fun fun fun" looking forward to the weekend. Then she precedes to let everyone know that yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday which she is quite excited about, tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterward. Then in an obvious change of events a 35 year old black man begins to rap about how he is following a school bus full of 12 year olds. Followed by a minute of a half of dancing children telling everyone it's "FRYday FRYday."
P1: "hey man, what day is it?"

P2: "i don't know, ask Rebecca Black"

RB: "it's FRYday FRYday"
by zmaree March 14, 2011
a shitty, 13-year-old singer who released a song called "Friday" in which she gives us an explaination of which order the days of the weeks are ("Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes afterwards") and in which she also can't make up her mind in which seat to sit in on her friends car.
Basically, she makes Justin Bieber sound good.
Person 1: Hey did you hear Rebecca Black's new song?
Person 2: No *listens*

*world explodes*
by Fighting Fit March 17, 2011
Possibly the worst debut singer ever, her video amassed 2,500,000 views in only a month, not because its good, but because America likes laughing at her. She also informs us on the days of the week.
Rebecca Black: Friday, Friday, Partin' Partin' yeah!

Friday, next comes Saturday,
by 123singing March 14, 2011
Recently popular internet singer. Became an overnight celebrity after her video "friday" featured on a comedy website. Characterized by heavy autotune, inane lyrics, and a general lack of singing proficiency. Debate is raing as to whether she is a legitimate, albeit untalented, singer, or the face of an elaborate spoof. Can also be used when somebody has said something blindingly obvious (something similar to her lyrics).
ex. A:

"So, um, is this Rebecca Black legit?"
ex. B:

person 1 : "so, today is friday, which makes tomorrow saturday! and sunday the day after that!"
person 2 : "bit of a rebecca black moment, don't you think?"
by mypseudonymwillappearonline! March 15, 2011

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