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rebecca black is a peice of shit . She is an 8th grader that likes to sing about the days of the week. she also goes to the bus to catch the bus only to be picked up by her friends with four mutha fuckin people in the car. two are already in the front and she is so fucking retarded she has to consider what seat to sit when ther is clearly one seat. also half way through this song some 50 yr old nigger starts singing and partying with 8th graders. anyone that actually likes this song or says its not that bad are also fucking retards and deserve to die. there is no telling what the long terms effects of this song will have on society. many speculate this is the first event leading toward 2012. after all december 21 is a FRIDAY. also, japan had an earthquake in the same hour the video was posted. OFWGKTA.
hey did you hear about the tragedy in Japan?

"they have to listen to Rebecca Black friday music video now"

ya, the tsunami is one thing. but now this, dont u think they hav had enough
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