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"Real Man":
An idiotic "standard" that humans have come up with to man some men feel inferior, and make some men, and some women, feel superior.

This is put in place because in the wild (Shy away christians) we come up with ranking systems to keep the whole pack under one rule to help the overall survival of the pack or group.

This illogical mindset has no place in an agricultural world where our main goal is no longer survival.

Mostly it is used to manipulate idiotic insecure men into doing something that they would normally not do.

Overall it's ignorant, illogical, and the sad thing of it is, is that people actually believe themselves when they say that someone isn't a "real man" unless they act the way that the insulter wants or expects them to.
This standard that they have set that they think they can (and do) enforce through manipulation, is usually completely unrealistic, illogical, and just stupid in every aspect of the concept.

You'd be a "real man" if you (insert command here).

How could you (Insert an event that the other party doesn't like.)!?!?!? You're not a "real man"!!!

Example/scenario 1:
Idiot: You didn't hold the door open for me!? You're not a real man!
Male: Oh, so a real man would be an illogical twit and waste valuable time so that you don't have to exert yourself in any way? Why are you this stupid? Because you have been conditioned as you've grown up to think this way? Pathetic
Idiot: I... you're not a real man.
Male: *already gone*

Example/scenario 2:
Idiot: You only have an 6 inch penis? A real man would have a 12 inch penis that even size queens would tremble at!
Male: Actually, the penis has evolved to be used for reproduction, not to puncture a woman's bladder so that she'll stop early, have to go to the hospital and everyone loses. You see, outside of the world of porn, women don't like penises bigger than their fists.
Plus, many women don't even want jackass men that think that because they masturbated their way into brain damage and got their 12 inch cock as a reward, that he's the big shot.
From my experience, alot of women like it emotionally, mixed with the pleasure that a perfectly fitting 6 incher would bring, instead of having a cock that would rupture the anus, and be too wide and long for a vagina.

Idiot: urr mom LOL!!!111unoriginalSHIFtfone#EONe1!

Male: the human race is doomed.
by Voice of reasoning. July 13, 2010
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The insult women use when they want to bring down a guy enough to get him to do whatever she wants.

Aside from that fact that there is no definitive image of a "real man" (and no, women's delusions do not count), there's also the fact that nobody ever ask if SHE was a "real woman".
Woman: What? That guy stepped on my toes and you won't defend my honor? What kind of a man are you? I thought I married a REAL man?

Man: Oh yeah? And what kind of a fucking woman are you? You never seem to ever care whenever you ask me to fight some guy TWICE MY FUCKING SIZE over something as shitty as stepping on your toes. I thought I married a REAL woman?
by BusinessMan May 17, 2005
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1) A man who will comprimise his values and self respect to please women.

2) An insult used by women to shame a man into behaving how she wants him to.
1) Whenever a woman says, "I am a real woman looking for a real man." what she is really saying is, "I am loud mouthed, verbally abusive, manipulative user, and I want some wimp who never says no to me."

2) Girlfriend says, "If you were a real man you would be happy to pay all of my bills, listen to me complain, wash my car, and never disagree with me. Oh, and you would never pester me for sex".
by nelshane July 15, 2009
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1) an insult women use
2) women want a "real" man. someone who will treat her right and meet her needs. such as sex, love, romance.
3) A man who will stick up for a woman; Protect her.
4) A man who's a "man"
5) A man who's confident
1) I need a "real" man to satisfy me in bed
2) "I need a real man to hold me"
"I need a real man to fuck me long and hard and not get tired."
3) If another guy were to hit a woman's ass, then her man should say something rather than let her handle it
by The Sweetest Thing November 02, 2005
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Term used by greedy women looking for a sugar daddy.
A guy that spends a lot of money on a money grubbing gold digging woman. A guy that takes a dinner whore to expensive fine dining restaurants. A man that buys drinks for a woman and all her friends. A real man is one that dumps any chick that uses the term "real man" or "gentleman".
"I want a REAL MAN who knows how to treat his woman right"
by gruntalicious April 29, 2008
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According to women, a real man is a man that contains a seemingly infinite amount of qualities which they desire, ranging from having money, to being affectionate, kind, good father, faithful, muscular, tall, dark, & handsome, etc. However, when you look up the word real you get the definition genuine and when you look up man you get the definition adult male, so in actuality, when you combine the two words, the definition of a real man is a genuine adult male.
Tom is a real man, he takes care of his family like he's supposed to.
by @_tatt3d January 20, 2014
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A true man can best be described as rugged and that does not have any fears. A man has a good deal amount of knowledge about tools, cars, the outodoors, knows how to act around women by being a gentlemen, but is not always serious and can have fun with them. Men financially provide for others and themselves and are overall responsible. Men are clean, well groomed, and can have a very short beard to portray that image of ruggedness. True men do not think about themselves. They do not always think about sex. They stand up for what they believe, take responsibility for their actions, help others, they are self confident, physically stong and in shape, have a sense of humor, generous, honest, and are considerate. They provide a sense of security. Men are brave and do not need to show off for their friends nor do their sway their opinions because of their friends. Now even if you are biologically a man, this does not mean you fit my definition of all the components of what a real man is.
A "Real Man" would be like the Brawny paper towel mascot. He has that image of outdoors, strength, confidence, and ruggedness, but what about his character?
by Aussiegoat5. July 05, 2006
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