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The lowest form of life that has survived evolution. This sub-breed of the human species has no morale, honor or sense of honesty. Their appearance is of a typical human being, but they can be recognized as a real estate broker by their forked tongue, breath that smells like bullshit (due to their habit of talking shit daily and hourly), and for their overall lizard-like appearance.

When running into a real estate broker - kiinteistönvälittäjä in Finnish - avoid all eye contact and take the nearest exit, if inside a building. It is very necessary to vacate any and all premises if a real estate broker is encountered. Remember to close all open doors and alert the police, fire department and the local zoo.
A real estate broker is a person, who upon running into a battery victim, will check his or her pockets for anything valuable and force anal sex with the victim after that.
by Magnus E 5 July 02, 2008
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