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A nice middle class town just about 20 mins. north of boston in middlesex county where everybody knows everybody and people are way to obsessed with school sports. 90% of the neighborhoods in the town are nice with the exception of the apartment complex on main street and shit near the train depot. Kids usually drive around on a friday night in their dads bmw or merecedes looking for something to do. cops in reading are complete ass holes and will pull you over for anything. cops in reading are also hooked on cocaine and hitting on all of the females in the town. Reading has 2 highschools - RMHS which is the public school of the town and then you got Austin Prep : where rich parents send their kids to get a 'better education' and to prepare them for college. All in all, Reading is a cool place to grow up, full of cool people except the coke head cops, but thats besides the point.
Bill: Where u from?
Bob: Reading, Massachusetts
Bill: O yeh, all of your cops are yayo addicts..especially the young ones who pull us teens over for no apparent reason and date highschool girls...
by Classified01867 November 19, 2006
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The most boring, shit town in all of Massachusetts. An utter joke and complete fail of a suburb.
Dude from Wakefield: Duude I'm still stoked from that beast partayy, what did u do friday night?

Me: Weelll, I live in Reading, Massachusetts

Dude from Wakefield: Ohh SUX MAN
by phillipsgurrl June 26, 2010
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