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Much like a reunion, the re-goon-ion or regoonion is where a group of friends or associates organize to meet each other to commemorate a previous event, although with much more 'goon' than usual.
Wingus: "Hey Dingus, did you hear about the regoonion tomorrow on South Lawn?"
Dingus: "naaaaah, whats happening?"
Wingus: "Everyones meeting up and shit."
Dingus: "I thought the reunion wasnt till later"
Wingus: "Yeah but this is the re-GOON-ion"
Dingus: "What's the difference?"
Wingus: "Theres gonna be lots more goon than usual."
Dingus: "Ohhhh, k"
by Slut Leader #3 March 10, 2007
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