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To actively seek a stereotypical gay experience to redress the balnace after accidentally doing something considered to be typically straight male behaviour.
I've just changed the oil on my motor so i'm gonna listen to some Bette midler to re-gay myself!

Gary re-gayed himself with a spa-day after going on his brother's stag night.
by Cynthia Purple-Pencil March 04, 2004

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Retarded and Gay(as in Homosexual)
Clayton is so Regay.
by L8547 April 26, 2012
so stupid that it is beyond being retarded or gay....
OMG.... I can't believe you said that! That is so Regay!!!
by Old Witch November 22, 2010
a FOB pronunciation of "reggae", usually involving a really bad dance; induces temporarily emo-ness from the audience.
Person 1: how was the party last night?
Person 2: it was good, but nikky turned emo when they started doing re-gay.
by ladeedaaaaa February 14, 2009