Zoned out as fuck. Staring into space and you dont even notice everything around you
by chiccalovee May 22, 2011
Top Definition
The state of being seriously intoxicated on any form of substance, generally refering to alchohol.
Example 1:Ive been tooting the rocks (smoking crack) all evening and im one razzed hobo,

Guy1: Hey lets hit the town tonight, get razzed and sleep with a hooker,

Guy2: No thanks, last time i got razzed i woke up beside another bloke.

Guy1: What a player.
by Jared Ellis May 17, 2007
To be utterly dissed or roasted in a somewhat unfair manner.
1. I keep getting razzed by Webby.
2. Man I just copped a razzing in the group chat.
by PapaKeatz December 23, 2015
has two definitions:

1. similar to rattled. shaken. etc, only more fun to say

2. similar to jazzed. excited, pumped, stoked
oh man... my teacher gave me a zero on that essay because she found out my sister wrote it.. im so razzed

omg im so razzed for next weekend!! three parties in one night? its gonna be sick!
by buzzzzz123 May 13, 2009
to be excited
discribing something you are eagerly anticipating.
1: You hear about the concert next month?
2: um, YEAH! I'm totally razzed!
by Kari D April 19, 2008
A term referring to the misconception or deceit told to someone to make them look stupid or to trick them.
Most commonly used in a deceptive manner.
Bro I just razzed her into believing i was a doctor.
Dude don't razz me but, can i pork your sister?
Niggas are perceptive.
by Not curtits March 10, 2012
To be drunk and/or completely horny..
Last night I was so razzed it was record-breaking!
by something_in_the_air September 23, 2007
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