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A totally killer Canadian Thrash Metal band from the 1980's that wrote classic albums "Executioners Song" and "Evil Invaders". This band put early Metallica and Slayer to shame with these two classic releases dispelling the myths that such bands were the "god-fathers" or "kings" of thrash. Bands like Metallica and Slayer only became famous by watering their music down in order to appeal to the mainstream. These guys rocked with fellow Canadian metal bands Anvil and Voivod during Metal's hey-day in the mid 80's.
"We spit on those who choose to pose, we thrash with all the rest" - Razor 1985.
by Mike Boon March 07, 2008
45 31
A depressed person's best friend
Ergh. Saw that bitch with a huge white cloth over her wrist? Must've used the razor.
by Welp June 02, 2004
212 143
A word Katie Holmes used in the movie "Disturbing Behaviour" to describe something that was cool, or another way to say she agreed; something she liked.
-"Let's hit the bluff & chase a case. Are you down?"

"Sounds razor."
by MC January 27, 2005
93 43
style of music which first appeared during the mid to late '90s,characterized by cutting guitar riffs, high pitched, ear-piercing vocals and heavy bass lines.

somewhat similiar to grunge, but more of a derivative of heavy metal this often considered a combination of these two types of musical genres.
some examples of razor rock bands are Smashing Pumpkins, Offspring and Korn.
by James June 11, 2004
57 45
Supposedly high quality cocaine. Adjective usually used by drug dealers to make crappy coke that has been stepped on sound better than it is.
My boy said this shit was razor, but it smells like paint stripper.
by XdElIrIuM April 08, 2006
42 31
A tool used to shave. Razors exist in multiple forms, such as straight razors and safety razors (collectively called acoustic razors or wetshaving razors) and electric razors.
Gillette is a well-known razor monopoly.

Emos love acoustic razors
by 76754375732525823.14 May 08, 2010
17 9
adj. A synonym for "cool" first used by Rose McGowan in "Doom Generation", a movie that was so bad that I actually thought it had changed my life forever. Used by people much cooler than you or me.
Abyssx105: My mom doesn't want me to shoot smack into my eye with dirty needles, but fuck her. I'm doing it anyway. Nobody understands me!

JTHMfan442: Razor.
by Alecx Hunter July 19, 2005
25 23