lol hehehe yeh he does have a big mushroom head.. weird lookin
but i have to admit hes good lookn!
hi i have a mushroom head but im still hot
by bLinGbLoNg January 05, 2005
Top Definition
1/4th member of B2K. who is very sexy and has lucious lips.
by khameleon August 04, 2003
sexy,fine brutha. Down 2 earth. sexy body. big JUICY lips
his lips is juicy like a piece of Juicy Fruit
by shyya January 18, 2004
he's got it all looks, body, smile, charm, cuteness, looking like a baby J, Fine, fine , fine and more fine, sexy raspy voice ,whats not to love.
Boy you sre almost as cute as raz-b
by Tamar January 14, 2004
Razb he is kind he is cute he sexy he loveto eat. and he is mine and yours
Razb is a dime
by keanndra October 06, 2003
fine,sexy,good personality,funny,and the most down to earth man i ever seen.
also lil-fizz but i'm really fellin
i would love to you know with him and
give him a little pleasure but it's will
he do the same for me.
by straight up secret admirer September 28, 2003
1/4th of B2K and is the sexiest member of the group and those Lips and that body OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN you are fine oh how I wish that you were mine but if he give the time and see satisfaction guaranteed!
by khameleon August 30, 2003
sexy,gangsta and much talent and u cant forget those big lucious sexy lips whoa and that body omg
by jessie August 24, 2003
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