A really cute blonde. Talks a lot. Sweet. Funny. Usually pretty short.
Rayanna is so loud!

Rayanna is very talkative!
by Yellow Bee May 09, 2013
Top Definition
A young female who people usually obsess over. Known as a mad stoner. Hot. Really HOT. Usually Black or Asian.
Person 1: Rayanna is so hot.

Person 2: I know! I smoked a joint with her the other day, we had a lot of fun.
by xxhitterxx1 January 03, 2010
A funny, sweet nurse to be. Known to say random things and make everyone laugh. known to "slide" of the road. Know to lose her BB.
Person1; dude where's your phone.
Person2; awh shit must of pulled a Rayanna.
by jnsfdusbvibdkzvlbjsd May 02, 2011
Sexy Red-Head With Blue Eyes. Short In Stature Almost Hobbit-Like With A Temper And A Handful In bed
Dude, I Banged A Rayanna Last Night
Are You Ok??
by WeasleBeef July 17, 2013

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