Rawr is something that is raw as fuck. Way more than just raw. Rawr. See: Danny Trejo.
"Oh that dude is raw!", "Yeah, but Danny Trejo is more rawr"
by thebest323 December 01, 2011
An exclamation, when mad or just for the hell of it.
Rawr!!! My bf dumped me!
by K.T. Pearee June 02, 2011
a sex noise that the German people like to make before during or after they have had sexual relations. this noise is suppose to arouse the partner in which they are trying to get lucky with.
german man: rawr
american women: what are you a dinosaur?
German man: its suppose to be sexy
American women: oh do it again
German man: rawr
American women: oh god that is sexy

German man and american women do it all night
by teenanaas1 December 01, 2009
Rawr means I love you in dinosaur. And it can also mean I kill you in dinosaur.
My friend Sydney said "Rawr!" I told her what it means.

I hated someone so I said "Rawr" to them.
by GrammarNaziAttacker November 02, 2011
How scene kids write the word "roar".

It does NOT mean "i love you" in dinosaur. Dinosaurs are extinct, therefore any language they had (and it is highly unlikely they were able to talk) would now be a dead language. In addition, if dinosaurs DID say "i love you" they would spell it right. "Roar".
xxxSooScene_Gurlxxx: Lololol RAWWWRRRR smexxay!!!1!

xXxxMyChem96xxXx: RAWR to you to roflmao let's go listen to screamo and write RAWR and swearwords on our Vans lol we so hardcore!!1
by Pomizzle January 16, 2011
A catch-all phrase in the furry community.
1: How you doin' bud?
2: Rawr.

1: Dude you see that one? She was.... rawr!

1: Mmmm rawr...
by .Wolfeh October 16, 2010
An alarming "Roar" over MSN, so to instigate a hug.
1st Person: RAWR

2nd Person: Oh noes!

1st Person: <-- Friendly

2nd Person: Yay! *Biiiiig Huuugs*

1st Person: *Biiiig Huuugs back*
by MSN Roarer June 21, 2010

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