A way of saying "I love you" (in dinosaur, since we know how to speak reptilian language) commonly used by emos, scenesters, and pedophiles on the internet. If you wanna fail at sounding cool and sexy, then this is the word for you.
xXxxBleedinAshleexXxx: RAWR!!!111
IizWendy: ???
xXxxBleedinAshleexXxx: it mean i luv you in dinosaur silly :)
IizWendy: ... r u a pedo?
xXxxBleedinAshleexXxx: lol no im ur friend duuuhhhh
by It'sHardToExplain September 30, 2009
A term used to express a feeling of strength and/or intelligence and another way to ROAR in chat. Below is an example of how this could be used in chat.
User1: You're so leet!
User2: RAWR
by titi1112 April 27, 2009
"I love you" in dinosaur.
Dino: "RAWR!"
person about to be eaten: "Awwww."

by xrawrimveganx April 13, 2009
an adjective describing how one feels. it could be anger, "RAWR! i'm so pissed mr. a**hole just gave us that test!" it could also be a describing word when you can't think of any other word to describe something. such as, "Dude, that cake was so,so,so.......RAWR!!
RAWR!! i just stubbed my effing toe!!!
by whitebotch February 28, 2009
this what dinsaur do
this what some people do randomly
dinsaurs go rawr
sometimes i go rawr
by ily13 May 11, 2008
Imma fuckin' eat you.
by faithangel697 March 15, 2013
Rawr is something that is raw as fuck. Way more than just raw. Rawr. See: Danny Trejo.
"Oh that dude is raw!", "Yeah, but Danny Trejo is more rawr"
by thebest323 December 01, 2011

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