The dinosaur-slang word HxC emo/scene kids use to say "I love you".
Emo guy: Rawr!
Emo girl: Aww...I love you too!
by NicoleNevermore May 09, 2011
the coolest word ever. it means "iloveyou" in dinosaur. :)
"rawr you too!"
by rawrthis June 18, 2009
1. The cat version of "roar"

2. A warning someone recieves 3 seconds before a glomp

3. Dinosaur language for "I love you" or more commonly "I'm going to eat your face"

4. An exclamation of any emotion (anger, sadness, happiness)

5. A very sexy roar

6. An exclamation used when trying to sound scary

7. A misspelling of "roar"
1. Cat: RAWR!

Human: awwww!!

Cat: *swat*

Human: *has face ripped off*

2. Friend one: RAAAWR!!

Friend two: *is glomped*

3. Dinosaur: RAWR!

Human: aw, he likes me! *has face eaten off*

4. Happy: Rawr! I am so happy!

Sadness: rawr... I suck...

Anger: RAWR!! My retarded boss just fired me!

5. Boy: rrrawr

Girl: oh you sexy beast!!

6. RAWR!! I'm going to eat you muffins!!

7. Teacher: Okay, spell "roar"

Kindergardener: r-a-w-r RAWR!
by 1996RAWR_luver<3 February 14, 2011
To yell a "roar" at some person in means to scare or emphasize.
"Rawr! I'm a scary dinosaur!"
by Sosorryudied June 18, 2004
The cool way to say "roar"

Originated in the Spongebob Squarepants episode "Pickles" when Spongebob responded an intimidating customer by saying "rawr"
Bubblebass: "I hear Squarepants is back.

Spongebob: I'm right here, Bubblebass.

Bubblebass: I thought I ran you out of town. *spits in can*

Spongebob: This is where I belong. *blows bubble*


Spongebob: Rawr. ;)

Crowd: *gasps*
by sameopet March 29, 2013
1. The noise a lion makes when it is roaring.
2. I Love You in dinosaur.

Also is a sexy way to roar
1. the lion says rawr when it's mad
2. Guy: Rawr!
Girl: What?
Guy: I LOVE YA!!!
Girl: >.> wtf
by D1n0 April 13, 2009
Expressing meaning to being angry, or to show some sign of interacting between friends or online friends, many use it for diffrent uses between friends.Or used as a personal term for many terms.
"Omg i got shot in the head" "RAWR!"
"Rawr im so pissed!"
"Im gonna kill you Rawr!
by Nick DiF February 23, 2009

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