used to mean your mad
to flirt or to
let someone know
your attracted to them
Nikki said "rawr" to David to let him know she thought he was smexii.
by Nikki-licious May 18, 2008
RAWR is dinosaur for "GET IN MAH BELLY!"
often confused with RAWUER! wich is dinosaur for "i love you"
why am i so hungry? RAWR!
by BARBIEKEN September 14, 2010
the noise you make when your annoyed with someone or to supprise them. or sometimes used at the begining of a text.
ex: someone is hiding from behind a door and jumps out

ex2: *phone beeps* *reads text*
"RAWR u ok"
"lol yh"
"RAWR ly"
"need sleep xxx"
*puts phone down sleeps*
*recives text* "RAWR"
"RAWR go away!!"
*turns phone off*
*goes to sleep*
by bouncybrunnettes November 01, 2008
the act of releasin anger verbally, but timidly

the cuter version of roar, which you pronounce your anger to everyone around

related to: meow, bark, growl, etc.
Simba: *rawrs!*
Mufasa: *ROAR*

person 1: rawrs -.-
person 2: gwark
by KagomeFB May 29, 2007
1) A sexual sound.

2) ("\(O.o)/") <---- Rawr
1)Girl: You're so hawt!
Boy: Rawr!!

2) This is Rawr ---> ("\(O.o)/")
by Ashley April 06, 2005
The cute and cuddley (imma rip off your head) kitty version of ROAR!!
'OMG my head!'
by Miyu Maniac October 23, 2009
usually means i love you in dinosaur, but it's also a popular greeting amongst friends.
Girl Dino: Rawr! (:
Boy Dino: Rawr! (:

Person 1: Rawrr.
Person 2: Hey, what's up?
by elizabethhh! <3 July 03, 2009

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