A word used when the online conversation is getting dull. Has no meaning in particular just and ice breaker that is fun.
• ?? --...? says:hehe I feel special now
! Nicøle™ says: oh you should!
• ?? --...? says: -I know
! Nicøle™ says:-rawr<3 gah ha
• ?? --...? says:-hHAAHAHA <3
by HedCandy November 23, 2007
1) Verb Used as a playful greeting, commonly associated with a lawing motion wih two or three fingers on one hand

2) Verb Used as an interjection when displeased
1) Man: Hey Babe
Woman: Meow
Man: Rawr (claw motion)

2) Kid 1: Who took my Halo 3?!?!?!
Kid 2: .....ummm... I did.....
Kid 1: RAWR! (lunges at Kid 2)
by Murray Sloan March 02, 2006
What Alphie the ADPi lion says.
Alphie loves those adpi girls, when they walk by, he goes rawrrrrrr. frat.
by adpi_alphie October 09, 2010
i <3 you in dino talk (also tummy talk).
1 peep: rawr!!

peep 2: COOl!...rawr!

1 peep: *looks on*

peep 2: *spaced out clueless*

1 peep: i take it back!

peep 2: *confused and still spaced out*
by Dyno-rawr-mite February 09, 2010
An annoying word frequently spoken and written by Internet-crazed teenage girls. Usually accompanied by a cat face (:3)
RAWR! :3 sup jessica this is sara kate, just dropin u a line!!
by little paulie May 21, 2008
rawr means i love you in dinosuar
rawr hoe
i love you hoe
by aqwsedrtfk July 10, 2008
RAWR is dinosaur for "GET IN MAH BELLY!"
often confused with RAWUER! wich is dinosaur for "i love you"
why am i so hungry? RAWR!
by BARBIEKEN September 14, 2010

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