Sound possibly made by some girl on acid.
Mother: Hunny you've been after me for two weeks about this game.
Daughter: No I haven't! *throws cards in the air* RAWR I'M A LION!!!
by Sam Sam Bill January 19, 2005
It means "I love you" in dinosaur.
Him: "RAWR"
herr: WTF?!
by Alex and Harlee August 10, 2008
a primitive sound emitted while becoming aroused during the process of sexual intercourse. ~rawr ;p
RAWR nice cock!!

RAWR i wanna SEX u
by *KiNkYy s3x FreAk? May 11, 2006
The cool way of saying "Roar".
I will kill you Rawr!
by ^_^ Adz ^_^ July 15, 2006
A noise many people make to start conversations, tell someone that they're bored, and sometimes to say "I love you"
Example one:
Girl: Rawr!
Boy: Why do you always rawr at people?
Girl2: To start a conversation.

Example two:
Girl1: Rawr, I'm so bored!
Girl2: Rawr, So am I!

Example Three:
Girl: Rawr!
Girl2: That mean's I love you in Dinosaur!
Girl: But I don't love you! ^-^
by OHEMGEEILOVETORAWR. August 06, 2009
A word used to break the ice when bored and to sound seductive. Used By Audrey.
Boy: This Is Quiet
Girl: Rawr ;)
Boy: Ohh Behave
by Audrey Macleod April 18, 2008
A self affirming, usually high confidence growl. Most commonly used in sexual or game like situations where self confidence can heighten.
Game: "ScreenName88: I am the master of this here forest of goblins!!! Rawr!"
Sexual: "Girl: Your like an animal today. Guy: I'm like a tiger baby, rawr!"

(Very direct examples here to get the point across but it can be more flexible in usage. One could say it at any given time confidence is high, although it will sound pretty random without context.)
by Iceferret132 September 24, 2007

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