Dyslexic Pikey speak meaning "roar" in the Queens english.
"'Ave ya herd me dag rawr mister? Wood ya loike to sea me car'van?"
by James August 05, 2003
2. A word used to discribe misplaced or random anger/hate...
"Did you see that guy? He was all like rawr in your face!!!"
by InsaneFox December 10, 2004
another word for sexy
Taylor Pala's hair is so rawr!
by Yvette April 10, 2005
Rolling away with Robots

definition of beating persons in a game.

compared to l33t
dude: Hey you shot me!
DaDude: RawR
by DaDosDude April 12, 2005
1. Acronym for Really Awesome Wookie Rangers

2. The sound someone or something makes when they roar.

Here come the R.A.W.R.!
by Flint November 12, 2003
Quite obviously the noise every gay big Kat makes everywhere.
Father: Watch Narnia boys!
Aslan: Rawr
Boys: ooooh
by Silent Liam December 30, 2005
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