a term used far too much by boys who like head and sex. said during sex as a praise of the girl.
rawr you give good head said james and max
by james nicolls September 14, 2007
1. Rawr, a word used in reference to something mad sexy.
2. A sound one makes in exclamation to a sexy person.
1. "Dude, that girl is t3h Rawr!"
2. "Hey, Rawr!"
by Danny Mead July 01, 2005
word used by most people because we is hardcore (not) lol RAWR!! :P can be used in many different ways so yer but cant be bothered to write all of them takes effort lol Rawr!!
" Rawr!!" (as In Hello)
"Rawr!! Ur Cute" (as In I Want You)
by Cool Beans xD December 15, 2008
rawr is another word for "grrr" or you can say it if you think something is hot.
rawr! he is hot. also rawr layouts has the best layouts all around. myspace.com/rawrlyts__
by jenner<3 November 07, 2006
Dyslexic Pikey speak meaning "roar" in the Queens english.
"'Ave ya herd me dag rawr mister? Wood ya loike to sea me car'van?"
by James August 05, 2003
2. A word used to discribe misplaced or random anger/hate...
"Did you see that guy? He was all like rawr in your face!!!"
by InsaneFox December 10, 2004
another word for sexy
Taylor Pala's hair is so rawr!
by Yvette April 10, 2005

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