A word that, in english, means "I'm a faggot" for guys and "I'm an annoying attention whore who thinks she's cute" for girls.
Courtney: rawr i wuv u
Gary: Wow stfu you're 27 years old, stop acting like an 8 year old
by GD8 October 03, 2010
a word used to scare little children, frighten someone, or make someone piss thier pants every time you hear it. used by a molester when pulling in their next victim. also used in videogames to tell someone they need to go away or you'll pull out a grenade, shove it in there mouth, and push them off a cliff.
by The_rawr_Master June 05, 2009
A word with sever meanings, varying from person to person. My personal definition is that it's a synonym of avast. Otherwise, it's a synonym of 'roar', and is often used to signal displeasure.
Gordy: rawr

JacobZ pulls off a headshot on Gordy.
Gordy: rawr.
by Age1 January 29, 2005
RAWR - (interjection) to express deep pain and/or anger.
- "RAWR... You're mean"
by Happy-Time Harry December 25, 2004
A word elliot says for too often

by eeron January 31, 2009
Used to imitate the sound made by someone who wants to look sexy !
Hummmm RAWRRRRRR! so sexy !
by fReddrawr November 15, 2006
a much funner and sexier and interestinger way to spell roar... which is the noise that a large animal, usually w/ a big set of teeth makes. They tend to show teeth while "rawring" (ahahahaha)
yo momma was rawring at me today and i was like damn lady i ain't your son!
by alexxxa (yer homie)) May 19, 2006

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