What all the scene kids a.k.a. ninjas say.
RAWR, ilyx345.let's be ninjas!
by letsHATE May 01, 2006
means you got denied anal sex by someone.
"why do you look so upset?"
by rosaaayyyyyyy September 20, 2009
A word expressing great annoyance or a feeling of distaste.
Lucy ran up to us with a attitude displaying total frustration, "That teach just...RAWR!"
by NoRegrets18 January 31, 2009
Dude who got big money, big house, and a big reputation and doesn't have to work to get it.
Man, Paris Hilton is to rawr!
by Big Flip May 03, 2008
cats go rawr.... not MEOW... that is kitten language
cat: RAWR
person: argh my cat just RAWRED
by me!!!! September 04, 2005
1) To roar like some sort of weird dinosaur.

2) A sound a Zombie makes.
1) RAWR!!!!!!!! *dives off bridge*


Man: "Hey guys, I just owned 58 zombies!"
Man 2: "Yeah.. with what?"
Man: "well, obviously with..."
Zombie: "RAAAWWWWRRRR!!!!!!! *bites head off*"
Man 2: "Rawr this motherfucker, *pumps 690 shotgun bullets in zombies face*"
by Cloud July 11, 2004
a way to scare off some one or something, or you can use it in a horney way.
RAWR get away from ma food biznatch!
RAWR I want a chunck of that ass
by Quinten April 28, 2006

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