"We should both kill ourselves" in dinosaur.
S- Rawr
Y- ok, you first
S- alright
by teoic January 12, 2010
The word that is sometimes used by dinosuars to say i love you, love ya ect.
The dino said rawr!
by Purple dino January 04, 2010
used to describe something rather good or catchy.

oh my god, them shoes are dead rawr.
by Lauren Baby May 23, 2008
Verb: The pathetic version of striking fear into the hearts of others. Though, if someone says it before beating the shit out of you, you get a good laugh before your face is pounded in.
"Police say that before the man was shot to death, he said 'rawr' out loud. Ironically, 'rawr' is a codeword for 'kill me' when in that specific gang territory."
by Bucket Life October 01, 2007
R.A.W.R. Is an upcoming DJ from the US. Her music and her name R.A.W.R. is a creation of apathy, spawned from the mind of a tencho influenced emo and fueled by her friends.
Did you hear that new dance track from R.A.W.R.?

R.A.W.R.'s New album is pretty good.
by Lush Muffin July 14, 2006
Only word ever spoken by domos.
Man 1 "OMG N00bs what ever will we do!"
Man 2 "It's all good my friend, we've got a Domo."
Domo "RAWR!!!!!!"
N00bs "AHHHHHH!!!"*get devoured*
by Eggness July 15, 2005
A word often uttered by zombies and other types of undead. Its inflection and context can give it many different meanings, and in the Zombie language, rawr has a myriad of uses.
"Um...aren't you guys at all concerned about the zombies everywhere?"
"Naw man, we got bats. Don't worry. It's all good."
by RoboSpy May 24, 2004

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